10th Annual CUNY Games Conference

The CUNY Games Conference of 2024 was an inspirational gathering!  The conference took place on Monday, Jan 22 over zoom and Tuesday Jan 23 in person. 

Killer Snails presented two talks on Monday:

“Promoting Science Identity Exploration: An Analysis of the Game Design Features in WaterWays.” TzuChin Chen (Killer Snails). Hana Haddad, (New York University), Corinne Brenner, (Killer Snails)

“Bringing Science to Life: Collaborative Science Education with VenomCoLab.” Ming Chen (CUNY Graduate Center), Corinne Brenner (Killer Snails), Dr. Russell Miller (CUNY Graduate Center), Dr. Bruce D. Homer (CUNY Graduate Center), Jessica Ochoa Hendrix (Killer Snails)

Both talks centered on recent products- WaterWays which launched in summer of 2023 and VenomCoLab which is still in development. 

Tuesday was a day of playtesting in person, so we brought Chapter 1 of VenomCoLab and received some great feedback during the two rounds of playtesting!

In addition to getting feedback on our own game, we also got to play other people's games which was really fun and "Red Tape: Bureaucracy in Action" brought by folks from the University of Missouri was a particular favorite!