WaterWays - Sharks & Plastic
Augmented reality

WaterWays - Sharks & Plastic

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Meet a shark and help understand why they’re vomiting plastic by hypothesizing and observing just how the plastic made it into their stomach. Track the plastic through a storm happening in Chimha City, and learn more about the local ocean ecosystem! 

  • Developed in collaboration with the Wildlife Conservation Society, Hudson River Park and Mount Sinai's Transdisciplinary Center for Early Environmental Exposure, with funding support from the National Institutes of Health.

Sharks & Plastic includes:

  • A personalized digital science journal and an augmented reality experience, accessible by phone or browser using webVR.
  • 40 minutes of interactive activities where students are scientists engaged with water science and water stewardship.
  • Assessment dashboard for educators to monitor and scaffold student learning
    Next Generation Science Standards Alignment:

    Science Engineering Practices:

    • Developing and Using Models
    • Analyzing and Interpreting Data
    • Constructing Explanations and Designing Solutions
    • Obtaining, Evaluating, and Communicating Information

    Disciplinary Core Idea:

    • LS1.A Structure and Function
    • ETS1.B Designing Solutions to Engineering Problems
    • ESS3.C Human Impacts on Earth Systems

    Crosscutting Concepts:

    • Systems and System Models
    • Cause and Effect

    Connections to Excellence in Environmental Education - Guidelines for Learning (K-12):

    • Strand 1 (Analysis and Interpretation Skills): A, C, E, F, G
    • Strand 2 (Environmental Processes and Systems): 2.1 A, B. 2.2 A. 2.3 A
    • Strand 3 (Skills for Understanding and Addressing Environmental Issues): 3.1 A, B, C
    • Strand 4 (Personal and Civic Responsibility): B, C



    “I loved WaterWays.”


    “It was really user friendly for the kids and they were able to navigate through.”


    “Kids kept asking, “Can we do it again?” and a lot of them would go look at it again during their downtime.”