Visiting www.killersnails.com is the easiest way to purchase products. Our digital products and our card games are available here.

While some of our apps are free, to access additional content you will need to purchase seats for our experiences using a Killer Snails Account. That account can create a personal or classroom experience.

How do I buy a single seat subscription?

How do I buy multiple seat subscriptions?

  • Multiple seat subscriptions can be purchased the same way as the single seat subscriptions above. If you are looking to purchase for more than one classroom (~25+ seats), please contact us by our Contact Form.

Please contact us by our Contact Form

Please send your purchase order to info@killersnails.com.

Using www.killersnails.com you can pay via credit card, PayPal, GPay. You may also pay us by passenger pigeon or any other monetary means...

You can download our W9 here

Yes, here are a few grants that can be used:

  • Bank of America Foundation — This foundation funds education with an emphasis on K-12, including after-school programs, early childhood development, English as a second language, financial literacy and youth mentoring programs.
  • Computers for Learning — This program donates surplus federal computer equipment to schools and educational non-profits, giving special consideration to those with the greatest need.
  • George Lucas Educational Foundation — Although not a source for funding, this sites contains a myriad of sites and sources of information about grants.
  • Grants Information Collection — The University of Wisconsin maintains a comprehensive site with grant resources.
  • Killer Snails is under contract with BOCES affiliated institutions - check with your BOCES!


If you log into Killer Snails Account, click the “+class” and add a class name. Once the class has a name, add students by entering their emails, first and last names.

When creating your class, make sure for the question"Can your students receive email from outside of the school?"  you selectNO. If students use Google to sign in to their e-mails, then for"Do your students use Google as a sign on system?"  selectYES. Students will be able to use the "Sign in with Gooogle" button to log on. If you do not use Google for a sign on system, then you will need to create either a password for all students to use, or you can assign individual passwords when.

You can manage your classes by logging in to your Killer Snails Account. You will be able to remove or add students to existing classes, delete classes, download student answers, or create new classes.

When you log into Killer Snails Account, you can click on the button for your class to get a list of students. If a student has verified their email and created a password, you will see  next to their email address. If not, then they will have a  next to their email.

To remove students from a class, log into your Killer Snails Account and select the class in which you want to remove your student. Click on the. You will be asked to confirm the deletion. If the student had started working in the class, the seat will not be returned.

If you log into Killer Snails Account, and click on your class, you will be able to add students to an existing class by clicking the Add More Students button. Fill out their information and click on the ADD TO CLASS button.

If a student is removed from a class, and is not enrolled in any other Killer Snails classes, then their data will be deleted from our database, in accordance with FERPA guidelines.

Following FERPA guidelines, once the subscription ends, all data will be deleted within 45 days of the contract ending. Upon request, Killer Snails can provide a spreadsheet of de-identified student responses for teachers.


To access Killer Snails Account, you will need a computer or mobile device with a current web browser with Javascript and Cookies enabled. We recommend recent versions Chrome or Safari.

NOTE: Safari 9 or less and all versions of Internet Explorer are not supported.

1 Mbps or better (broadband recommended). VR devices will need internet access via Wi-fi in order to connect to Killer Snails Accounts and the product being used.

You can create an account at Killer Snails Account register page. Fill out the information and click on “Register”. Once complete, you will receive an email to verify your account.

To reset your password, you will need to log out of Killer Snails Account, and follow the link to Killer Snails Account forgot password page. Enter your email, and you will be sent a link to change your password.

All account information is stored in a database and is encrypted.

Emails are used for log-in purposes only. Only teachers that have added students to their classes will be able to see the email addresses of their students. Emails will not be used for any marketing purposes.

Your email will be used as the username for you to log into Killer Snails Accounts or any product that uses a Killer Snails Accounts login, like BioDive’s Digital Journal. The accounts are linked to individual emails so if students move they can keep their account.

Please check with your school or district’s IT department to ensure that they unblock the following domain:


They should not limit it to just the www prefix (ie: www.killersnails.com) since other subdomains will also be accessed by different products. For instance, to login to Killer Snails Account, you will need access to accounts.killersnails.com. For BioDive, you will also need access to biodive.killersnails.com.

We would be happy to speak with your IT department to help assist with this process- please contact us at info@killersnails.com


BioDive is aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards. You can view the BioDive Lesson Plan for more details on which standards are addressed.


If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us on our Contact Form