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Killer Snails: Assassins of the Sea- card game

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Killer Snails: Assassins of the Sea

Silent assassins of the sea, cone snails use venom delivered through a needle-sharp tooth to attack their prey. Cone snail venom toxins are powerful enough to paralyze a large fish- or kill an unwary person. Yet in a surprising twist of nature, deadly venom toxins can become life-saving drugs! The first drug from cone snail toxins is used to relieve pain in cancer patients.  With further scientific research other venom toxins will be discovered to treat diseases and disorders such as cancer and epilepsy.

In this exciting game, you are the scientist collecting predatory cone snails that prey on fish, worms and other mollusks, to build a venom arsenal of potentially life-saving peptide toxins. Race your opponents to create the winning venom cocktail and win the game!



"Had the chance to play this last night at an event at the American Museum of Natural History. Was pleasantly surprised at how quickly we were able to pick up the game play and got so hooked that we ended up taking home our very own game. Congrats on a success!" Annie B.

"I was very impressed with the twist with the cabal and what they are doing with education- I recommend this game. If you have kids that you are trying to get into playing games and you want to learn at the same time, this is a fantastic deck building game for that reason." Game Boy Geek

"My friend loves this game! I got it as a gift for him, and even grown adults love this game! If you like to play munchkin or any other "card building" games with friends that are a bit quirky then this is the game for you!"  LA Jandt