Try Venom CoLab!

VenomCoLab is an inquiry-based, collaborative science experience for 6th-10th grade students. Over 5 class periods, students take on roles as scientists and work together to study venom. Each group of students studies a venomous organism like marine snails, snakes, sea anemones, or scorpions to find peptides or proteins from venom to use as potential treatment for health problems including pain, cancer, blood clotting, or autoimmune diseases.

Students serve in one of four scientist roles: Zoologist, Biochemist, Molecular Biologist, and Pharmacologist. Each role performs distinct tasks using personalized websites and augmented reality or webVR on a computer or tablet. Students learn from each other and collaborate during activities like lab meetings and experiments, working toward their goal of developing new treatments.

We are currently seeking 6th-10th grade science teachers to pilot Venom CoLab in the Spring of 2024 and Fall of 2024. Put your students in the roles of scientists developing medicine from venom! If you're interested in piloting with your students, please email 

Teachers will receive $325-425 honorarium for their participation in the form of a gift card prorated as follows: 

  • Distribute parent/guardian opt out forms, prepare for the intervention, and read the student assent script ($50)
  • Participate in a 60-minute study and product orientation ($50)
  • Complete between 3-5 modules for 3-5 50-60 minute class periods ($150-$250)
  • Administer the student pre- and post-assessments and surveys ($25)
  • Participate in a post-intervention interview with researchers ($50)

Venom CoLab is funded by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences of the National Institutes of Health under award number 4R44GM146490