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Biome Builder- card game

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Biome Builder

In Biome Builder, budding ecologists discover diverse creatures across four distinct biomes: Amazon Rainforest, American Prairie, Sahara Desert, and Pacific Ocean. Players create food chains in this fast-paced card game but BEWARE! Action cards can upset the balance of these ecosystems. Race to build the richest food chains and ensure the survival of your biomes!

Biome Builder won the Gold Medal from International Serious Play2018, was selected as the Best Family Game at the 2017 Boston Festival of Independent Games, and received the 2018 Seal of Approval from the National Parenting Center.

Take a look at the Biome Builder: Curricular Alignment for more details on how the game can be tied into a classroom setting. 


"Do you want to play a fun game while learning cool science facts? Get Biome Builder & become an ecologist in training building a food chain!" Dr. Aida Verdes, Natural History Museum London

"Super fun game that is perfect in elementary school classroom to reinforce what students are learning." Engaged Family Gaming Podcast

"Our students love that game! Students teach their peers Biome Builder." Science teacher at Barrett Elementary

"It’s always good to find a game that plays well for adults, but can be played by younger players as well. Young people can learn a lot about varying ecosystems, and their food chains playing the game, if the adults take a bit of extra time to use the game as a teaching tool." Yorkton This Week