We've been Googled!

For International Women's Day 2017 Google selected 40 women in STEM to feature in their virtual reality Career Expedition series and our own co-founder and Chief Scientist Dr. Mandë Holford was one of the 40!

Google's Career Expedition program uses Google cardboard and 360 virtual reality to introduce content to classrooms. More than 2 Million students have taken 500+ virtual reality field trips. The Expedition program (provides students with an immersive experience where they are climbing the cliffs of Machu Picchu or shadowing a Killer Snail scientist!

For Mandë's expedition students go on a tour in her office and lab at Hunter College/ Weill Cornell Belfer Research Building, then follow her to the mollusk collection at the American museum of Natural History and finally meet up with her at the incubator space Made in NY Media Center in Dumbo Brooklyn, home base for our Killer Snails office.

Throughout the expedition there are touchstones that highlight how Mandë became interested in science (nitrogen dewar and liquid nitrogen ice cream), what she does everyday with the undergraduate and graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in her research group, the analytical tools they use for experiments, the museum snail shell collection they study, and how kids could also become chemical marine biologists with examples in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life...

Get a 360 view of Mandë’s Google Career Expedition and lots of others awesome women in STEM on Google vr Expeditions!