WaterWays Launch Makes a Splash!

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Killer Snails Launches Immersive Environmental Science Curriculum Supplement for Grades 3-5

[New York, June 13] – Killer Snails launched WaterWays, an innovative 3rd-5th grade science curriculum supplement focused on water ecology and environmental health. Developed with the Wildlife Conservation Society, Hudson River Park, and Mount Sinai, WaterWays aims to cultivate a generation of informed, passionate students committed to preserving our planet's health.

WaterWays is a five-module program enabling students to explore interconnected issues such as plastic pollution, air and water quality, and marine biodiversity. Through personalized websites and augmented reality or webVR technologies on computers or tablets, students embark on a journey of scientific inquiry, gathering data, constructing models, and developing hypotheses to tackle real-world environmental challenges. Each module explores a specific theme, offering a diverse range of learning experiences.

Created with support from the National Institutes of Health, this research-backed program piloted with 900+ children and 40 teachers over the last two years and can be purchased for less than $8 per student. As a third-grade teacher from Martinsville, Virginia said “My class was drop-a-pin quiet, they were so absorbed!” 

“WaterWays offers students a unique avenue to delve into complex conservation issues in an engaging and relevant way, " said Karen Tingley, Director of Education, Zoos and Aquarium, Wildlife Conservation Society. “Through the integration of AR and other digital learning tools, students are motivated to truly grasp these concepts and collaboratively develop impactful solutions.”

“WaterWays is an exciting educational tool to teach students about the importance of their local environment through fun and interactive gaming,” stated Carrie Roble, Vice President of Estuary & Education, Hudson River Park. “We look forward to incorporating WaterWays into our field trip programs focused on water pollution, local ecology and environmental justice.” 

Aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and the Connections to Excellence in Environmental Education, WaterWays provides a unique opportunity for students to apply their knowledge in designing solutions for pressing environmental issues. "WaterWays extends students' knowledge about how water connects people and the environment, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills," noted Jessica Ochoa Hendrix,  CEO & CoFounder of Killer Snails. 

"With Waterways, students are able to gain valuable experiences in water ecology, environmental health, and scientific research that contributes to the health and well-being of all communities." observed Luz Guel, Director of Community Engagement & Environmental Justice, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. “Students are able to apply these concepts in their own communities and develop research that leads to action.”

“Innovative programs like WaterWays help inspire the next generation of scientists and advocates that will support the health of not only the Hudson River, but our planet, too,” Roble added.

Killer Snails is a small, woman and minority-owned business that creates award-winning, immersive game-based science learning experiences. Founded by a scientist, an educational psychologist, and an MBA, the goal of the company is to inspire a love of science in students. WaterWays was supported by the National Institute of General Medical Science of the National Institutes of Health under award number R44GM139577.

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