STEM for All Showcase!

Killer Snails was thrilled to take part in the 2021 STEM for All Video Showcase!

Our video presentation featured our National Science Foundation funded product, BioDive, which combines virtual reality and digital journaling to enable students to experience the life of a scientist. 

The attendees of this conference include both educators and researchers. Since we are interested in bridging the research on virtual reality with classroom practices we requested feedback from:

  1. Educators: How can we help you use this product in your educational venue?
  2. Researchers: We’d love your comments on merging research with practical instructional design. Can you please share any successful instances? We are particularly interested in perspective-taking in virtual reality as well as collaborative virtual reality for students in grades 6-12.
  3. All attendees: What emerging technologies you are excited to see transformed for educational use?

We had a rich discussion in the comments which led to further conversations offline. In addition we were delighted that our presentation was seen in 71 different locations including China, India, Malaysia and Romania!