Small Business Administration Emerging Leaders Program!

2019 New York City Cohort of Emerging Leaders

2019 New York City Cohort of Emerging Leaders

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve been accepted into the Small Business Administration’s Emerging Leaders program! The program meets twice a month in the evening and provides support and personalized coaching in many of the less glamorous, but incredibly helpful parts of running a business. Our cohort focuses on topics like managing by numbers, feedback from a range of accountants, practicing your pitch and slowly building and improving each of our strategic growth plan.

 The sessions have already helped clarify our thinking around key performance indicators and the types of activities we need to focus upon to be successful. The facilitator of our program, Vanessa Best, and the SBA program manager, Man-Li Lin are each passionately dedicated to supporting small businesses.  

 We feel incredibly lucky to be working with and learning from other small businesses such as Kiyeon Nam of B’zT- which makes smart t-shirts that have a washable chipset pre-embedded in the clothing. When a child in B’ZT wanders off, B’zT system issues alarms. Another new favorite is Mod Lifestyles with CEO Ivena Pinto. Her beautiful fabrics are carried in places like Better Homes & Gardens, Wayfair and more.

 There are also several great restaurant entrepreneurs- I tried the tamales, rice and beans from City Tamale and it was AMAZING! The CEO, Israel Veliz, creates traditional tamales and he also creates innovative versions like innovative tamale creations, like a Flaming Hot Cheetos tamale and dessert tamales like the deepfried Oreo tamale a la mode. Speaking of desserts, a place I’m bringing my kids this weekend is run by another CEO, Richard Tam, in the class- Minus 10 Ice Cream!

 We highly recommend the SBA Emerging Leaders program if you’re interested in growing your business!