Small Business Administration Emerging Leaders Graduation!


Earlier this year, we mentioned that Killer Snails was accepted into the Small Business Administration’s Emerging Leadership Program. After 8 months of sessions, we were thrilled to graduate and receive a beautiful trophy!

The SBA Emerging Leader program was led by Vanessa Best in collaboration with Man-Li Lin. The course included lots of helpful topics from marketing to goal setting to using your financial documents to drive your business decisions. Having focused time to develop 3-5 year goals enabled us to think strategically about the future and what steps we need to take to attain those goals.

We were divided into CEO groups with about 6-8 members each and those groups met separately to brainstorm and share strategies. As many folks have noted, running a business can be especially challenging without a network of people to contact when you run into trouble. Having a team to contact when dealing with issues was definitely a huge benefit to the program.

Another great benefit was the connections we made through the program- here’s a picture of our CEO on a Chinese Radio Show! The radio show host came to one of our classes and introduced herself with the idea of speaking about our game-based science curriculum supplements to an international audience.

Overall, the SBA Emerging Leaders program was fantastic and a great resource for Killer Snails- we highly recommend it to any small business interested in networking and growing!