Reflections on 2021

2021 was a tumultuous year for Team Killer Snails as it was for much of the world and we are grateful to celebrate so many milestones.

During our first year of our partnership with BrainPOP, our National Science Foundation backed product, BioDive, launched the first module for free on the GameUP site. Thanks to the collaboration, we reached 175,000 users!

We also began piloting WaterWays with elementary schools in New York, Ohio, Texas and Virginia. We tested with 15 teachers and 285 students this year receiving feedback from students like “Can we do this every day?” which inspired us to keep going with our virtual pilot tests!

In addition, we received a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research grant to continue and complete WaterWays. Working with our partners, Hudson River Park, Mount Sinai’s Transdisciplinary Center for Early Environmental Exposure, and the Wildlife Conservation Society has been a true delight and we are so excited for the partnership to continue in 2022 and 2023!

Killer Snails joined the State Educational Technology Director’s Association as emerging partners this year which has led to fruitful, productive relationships with multiple new states and regions.

 The Virtual Reality in Education Meetup group we lead also reached a new marker- 1300 members! These monthly meetings have consistently taken place throughout the pandemic and we now have members who regularly attend from across the United States as well as from Europe and Australia.

We were honored to share the knowledge we’ve acquired through presentations for our colleagues at the Immersive Learning Research Network, the Small Business Administration, the SUBMERGE festival, and Chicago VR. We loved interacting with hosts through podcast interviews as well as through the TED Radio Hour.

 Finally, we were thrilled to mentor high school students this year through 3 Dot Dash, Games For Change and Uncommon Schools. Spending time with young people rejuvenates us and learning from them inspires us for the year ahead!


Looking back over the year, we are thankful to have had opportunities to work with so many amazing people and interact with so many phenomenal children.


Wishing everyone the best for 2022!