Published Peer Reviewed Paper on Collaboration and Virtual Reality!
GeoForge is a multiple-player digital learning experience for middle school that leverages virtual reality (VR) and individualized websites for learning concepts in planetary science. We tested iterations of the experience in three schools (shortly before the pandemic), and observed how students' behaviors,  experiences, and teachers' thoughts about the activity were different at each school.
We saw how features of the virtual reality experience and digital science journal (DSJ) contributed to collaborative behaviors within student groups. By segmenting tasks in the DSJ, asking students to articulate their ideas, showing other group members’ responses onscreen, and enabling multi-user VR environments, GeoForge contributed to student collaboration and a satisfying learning experience.
"GeoForge: investigating integrated virtual reality and personalized websites for collaboration in middle school science" was recently published in the journal Information and Learning Sciences. Here's the full paper.