Project Planning for Game Development

Storyboarding a digital scavenger hunt interface!

A big part of completing a project successfully lies in planning the path. Today at the New York Hall of Science, the Explainers and Killer Snails started the day by discussing the topics we had covered during our first month: Science Communication, Intentional Learning, Game Design and Game Development. We revisited the prototypes that the four Explainers had created with us for both a tabletop game similar to Slapzi and a digital scavenger hunt style game. After a brief discussion, our four Explainers divided up into two groups- Team Tabletop and Team Digital.

We spent the next hour working together to create a Google Spreadsheet starting with our end goal- two polished prototypes to exhibit on April 20th at the culmination of the NYSCI Designers in Residence program. Working from that date, we made a plan for all the steps needed to be taken during the next two months including: gathering visuals, making paper prototypes, iterating through playtesting, practicing the presentations with other Explainers and detailing what departments at the museum would need to sign off on particular aspects.

Diligently building a spreadsheet to plan the future


By the end of the day, Team Tabletop and Team Digital had a clear plan and an associated Killer Snails team member to mentor them in each topic! The two teams began storyboarding and listing the exhibits they needed to visit together and what work they would accomplish during their own worktime at the museum. We are so excited to see what they have produced by next week!