Piloting VenomCoLab!

Last month, we did our second round of piloting of our newest product, VenomCoLab, funded by the National Institutes of Health and developed for students in grades 6-8. 

We visited the amazing 8th grade students of North Star Academy's Downtown Campus and they gave us some fantastic feedback!

In Venom CoLab students learn how four different types of scientists (Biochemist, Molecular Biologist, Pharmacologist, Zoologist) study venom-producing organisms to discover compounds with therapeutic potential. Students work in teams in this collaborative AR multiplayer experience.

One aspect that the students mentioned really enjoying was learning more about each of these types of scientists and how they could work together. 

If you teach 6th-8th grade and are interested in piloting VenomCoLab please reach out to info@killersnails.com- we'd love to hear from you!