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New SBIR grant awarded by the National Institutes of Health!

 Concept art for the upcoming VenomSquad experience

Starting July 1st, Killer Snails will begin work on a new collaborative augmented reality experience for middle school students called VenomSquad! This grant is a FastTrack Small Business Innovation Research award that funds development for the next 2.5 years.

VenomSquad will put students in the role of scientists collaboratively solving an exciting real-world science problem: finding new, non-addictive pain therapies based on the venom of extreme creatures like scorpions, snakes, and cone snails. VenomSquad is an inquiry-based, collaborative, multiplayer experience. 

 If you are interested in piloting VenomSquad with your 6-8th grade students, please reach out to us at Piloting will begin in October of 2022 and will last for 1 class period. Piloting can take place anywhere in the US and we are looking for a range of rural, suburban and urban settings!