This March, Killer Snails is celebrating women's contributions to science, entrepreneurship, and education---as well as reflecting on the challenges that still lie ahead.

In 2014, Dr. Mandë Holford was elected a New Champion Scientist at World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of New Champions and participated in a panel entitled "Gender Under the Microscope" in which the participants discussed the reasons why women are not entering and staying in careers in science and technology in greater numbers, particularly given the role of STEM in economic growth.

The reasons for the gender gap are complex, of course. But Dr. Holford and her colleagues suggest that women STEM scientists can benefit by acquiring business knowledge, comparing the lab environment to a start up. Being more agile across sectors can help women thrive and give them the necessary foundation to become scientific leaders.

Killer Snails, LLC appreciates the efforts of scientists and educators who are encouraging and supporting girls and young women in STEM.