Killer Snails at the World Economic Forum!

On Thursday, November 20th, Killer Snails took part in the DQ Institute’s Symposium: XR+ “How Immersive Media is Changing the Way We Learn, Interact and Advance as a Society” at the World Economic Forum. Our CEO spoke on a panel entitled “There and Back Again- The Prescient Legacy of Multiplayer Experience.” The panel included Jessica Creane, Founder & CEO, iKantKoan; Alan Gershenfeld, Co-Founder and President, E-Line Media; Jessica Ochoa Hendrix, CEO & Co-Founder, Killer Snails; and Eric Zimmerman, Game Designer/Arts Professor, NYU Game Center.

Our panel enjoyed speaking about the development of virtual multiplayer games, the increasing use of open source coding to create games, and how the evolving games are attributed as well as played. The discussion was quite lively with participants having strong feelings about the impact virtual reality has upon the community feeling of game play.

The conference overall was incredibly interesting and our first introduction to the DQ Framework. The image from the DQ Institute below shows the overall framework


To further break down the framework, DQ Institute offers the below image:


Killer Snails looks forward to continuing working with DQ Institute and the World Economic Forum on further developing the framework as well as ensuring we are implementing it in our work!