Inspirational, informational SXSWEDU!

Team Killer Snails attended our first SXSWEDU conference this week and we had an amazing time!

Director of Learning Corinne Brenner facilitated a panel called “Designing XR for Hybrid Learning” with idris brewster of Movers & Shakers, Lisa Castenada of Foundry 10, and Joel Sadler of Stanford University. The extremely well attended (and enthusiastic!) crowd enjoyed learning more about the types of projects that each of the panelists developed. 

In addition to this panel, we loved hearing from Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona on his goals for K-12 education and a powerful panel on “When Culture Wars Come to School” featuring award-winning author George M. Johnson, Antonia Hylton and Mike Hixenbaugh of NBC News and Carolyn Foote Free Range Librarian/Library Consultant. 

We learned so much from so many of the panels that we won’t list them all but a couple other favorites were: “Building Pathways to STEM with Space” with Albion Bowers of NASA Allison Bravo of iLead California, Kathleen Fredette of iLEAD CA Charter Schools, Michael Lewis of NanoRacks and Lauren Milord of Another favorite on Virtual Reality use in schools was Fail Safe Experiential Learning with Immersive VR with Mark Milliron, Mamie Pack and Aaron Popham of Western Governors University's Teachers College. The team is using virtual reality to enable teaching students to practice high stakes conversations in virtual reality before leading those conversations in a classroom setting.

Team Killer Snails had an amazing time and we are already looking forward to attending again!