Hunting for an adventure this weekend?

Are you on the hunt for an exciting activity this weekend? Team Killer Snails has you covered!

This fast-paced stacking game takes 15 minutes to play & is perfect for everyone ages 5-105!

We will be play testing our brand new science game Biome Builder at the Discovery Room at the American Museum of Natural History this weekend from 2-5 p.m.

In this game you’ll learn about 48 unique creatures that are part of food chains in 4 biomes. But be careful, there are effect cards lurking in these decks! Your sister’s invasive species card may put the kibosh on your nearly perfect food chain, but you can always use a carrion card to take back the coveted great white shark.

This fast-paced stacking game takes 15 minutes to play and is geared towards players 5 and up. It’s perfect for the budding ecologist in all of us!

Come play with us!