An Engaging Family Podcast Featuring Biome Builder!

Our beautiful, treasured trophy from the Boston Festival of Independent Games!


Team Killer Snails is working at a breakneck speed to bring our latest Virtual Reality game BioDive to life. Earlier this month we successfully demoed the inaugural scene at the ED Games Expo and since then we’ve been hard at work building out the next few scenes to share with teachers and friends at NSTA later this spring. So imagine our surprise when we recently discovered our latest tabletop game Biome Builder was featured in a podcast from our friends at Engaged Family Gaming!

Stephen Duetzmann hosts this podcast with the goal of giving “parents and families the information they need to get their family game on!” Stephen met KS team member Noelle Posadas at the Boston Festival of Independent Games (FIG) last fall where Biome Builder took home Best Tabletop Game.

After playing the game, Stephen and his wife Jenna were smitten with this “super fun” game that is “perfect in elementary school classroom to reinforce what students are learning.” We are really honored that Stephen and Jenna enjoyed the game so much that they featured it on their podcast. We’re even more excited that they think that Biome Builder is “a game that on a high level reinforces how ecosystems and biomes work.” Mission accomplished!

Do yourself a favor and check out this great podcast here. You can learn more about Biome Builder starting at minute 14 and also hear about an exciting new cooperative game Stuffed Fables with creator Jerry Hawthorne.