2023 was an amazing year!


Our team grew this year and we accrued new honors!

Awards- We received our first Extended Reality Patent- a huge highlight, given that fewer than 13% of patent holders are women. Killer Snails is extremely fortunate to have the support of the National Institutes of Health TABA funding, which enabled us to secure the patent. We are looking forward to sharing our story to support more small businesses in achieving patents.  

In addition, WaterWays, our newly released grade 3-5 science curriculum supplement, won an international silver medal from Serious Play! This prestigious honor wouldn’t have been possible without the contributions of all on our team and the educators and students who iteratively tested and provided feedback during the development!


WaterWays launch at NY Aquarium


Sales & partnerships- We launched WaterWays!  WaterWays was developed in partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society, Hudson River Park, and Mt Sinai!  WaterWays is now in use in school districts across the country, including California, Arkansas, Virginia, and North Carolina, and will soon be appearing on Science Friday!


Thought leadership

2023 also included our first international conference speaking opportunity! The International Serious Play Conference took place in Canada and our Director of Learning, Corinne Brenner, led a workshop on using Augmented Reality.

In addition, we published papers, tabled at the National Science Teachers Conferences in Atlanta and Kansas City, and gave talks this year at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC! That wasn’t our only DC trip- this spring we also went to Washington DC to speak with Congress on behalf of education technology companies across the country.  In addition, our CEO Jessica Ochoa Hendrix, also served as a judge for the Children and Family Emmys as well as a judge for Games for Change and served as a panel reviewer for the National Institutes of Health. 


Product Development

In addition to completing WaterWays, we have been actively working on VenomCoLab, our first collaborative experience for students in grades 6-10. We've partnered with three schools who are iteratively developing VCL with us, and we are so excited to continue developing it in 2024 when we will start our national Randomized Control Trial (RCT) to examine the effectiveness and impact of VenomCoLab!


Thank you to all our collaborators, partners, and the children whose love of Killer Snails products inspire us to new heights in 2024!