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BioDive - School (150 Seats) Virtual Reality/Digital Experience

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BioDive: Virtual Reality/Digital Experience

  • Ages 10+, Single player
  • 4 virtual reality experiences
  • 20 pages in digital science journal
  • Educator dashboard to monitor progress and provide feedback

BioDive is an immersive dual virtual reality/digital experience where players are marine biologists investigating the delicate ecosystems of venomous marine snails. Throughout their expedition, students observe, discover, and hypothesize about abiotic and biotic factors that impact marine biodiversity.

Concepts taught: Nature, Ecosystems, Marine Biology, Scientific Investigation, Producers/Consumers, Conservation, Energy Pyramid

Take a look at the BioDive: Lesson Guides for more details about setting up and the concepts taught.

The virtual reality can also be accessed as WebVR on any web-enabled device. 

While the BioDive VR app is available as a free download on the App Store and is available on Google Play, you will need to register for the Digital Experience in order to unlock the additional content of the VR app.


Testimonials from Teachers: 

"It was AMAZING! A fantastic program and the developers obviously put a lot of time and thought into it. I was impressed with the organization and the ease of use. Such a fun and interactive lesson."  

"The students were very engaged and it was the first time for many of them to learn with these tools. The digital journal was great and I felt the level of detail was appropriate."

"The content was excellent!"

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