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Free Games

To help support educators, students, and parents during the COVID19 pandemic, we’re offering a selection of our Killer Snails products for FREE.

We're here for educators by continuing to produce quality products and using digital methods you know and have tested. Our products are developed with iterative rounds of testing backed by research and educator feedback.  

We’re also here for students and parents too. Use our games to find new ways to enrich children’s lives with entertaining-engaging-educational STEM content where players roleplay as scientists and learn critical thinking and analytical skills necessary to become thought leaders and change makers to one day find cures and vaccines that may help save lives.

Now more than ever, STEM learning is essential learning for the times!

BIODIVE: Virtual Reality/Digital Experience

  • Ages 10+
  • Single player
  • Week long curriculum
    • 2-3 minutes per scene
    • 20 pages in digital journal

BioDive is an immersive dual virtual reality/digital experience where middle school students are marine biologists investigating the delicate ecosystems of venomous marine snails. Throughout their expedition, students observe, discover, and hypothesize about abiotic and biotic factors that impact marine biodiversity.

Concepts taught: Nature, Ecosystems, Marine Biology, Scientific Investigation Producers/Consumers, Conservation, &, Energy Pyramid

Take a look at the BioDive: Educator Overview for more details about setting up and the concepts taught.

While the BioDive VR app is available as a free download on the App Store and are available on Google Play, you will need to complete the Digital Experience in order to unlock the additional content of the VR app.


In Rainforest Rumble (printable game) only the animals that can adapt, are best equipped, and fit SURVIVE! In this game of challenge defend your animals with smart arguments and scientific facts.

  • Ages 5+
  • 2-4 players
  • 15 minutes 



In Scuba Adventures (mobile Virtual Reality experience with Video Demo), students race again the clock as scientists, tagging creatures before their oxygen tanks runs out of air. Earn extra points for tagging venomous creatures whose deadly toxins may unlock the secrets to saving human lives. Students need a phone or iPad to play. For the best experience, a Google Cardboard provides the most realistic VR experience. Available on the App Store for free until the end of the September 2020.  Developed by Killer Snails with support by a 2017 NSF SBIR. 

  • 8+
  • Single player
  • 3min+


Free Downloadable Coloring Pages

Sometimes, children just want something new and fun to color!

Here you can download and print a howler monkey or color in the venomous marine snail in our logo!