Building Biomes with 3rd Graders!

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This April team KS was invited to unveil our latest science game, Biome Builder, with a group of brilliant 3rd-grade students at Somers Intermediate School in Westchester, NY. This group of 24 bright 8- and 9-year-olds were eager to try their hand at building food chains in each of the four different landscapes. After only ten minutes of brief introductions to our team and a quick overview of the goal of the game, the kids were off and playing.

Besides completing food chains across four distinct biomes, the four sneaky event cards quickly became class favorites. We watched as one blonde-haired girl placed an invasive species card atop another child’s American Prairie food chain thus stopping its’ growth and forcing it into their bank. Another dark-haired boy stealthily used his scavenger card to steal specific prey from an opponents’ hand completing his perfectly stacked food chain of creatures from 1 to 5, winning the bonus ten points for stacking a complete food chain.

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After 35 minutes of game play most of the students had completed one game and were well on their way towards round two when we had to leave and let them transition to the next class period. The 22 eager 8-year-olds were thrilled to keep the decks of play testing cards and the teachers have reported it is now a favorite activity during indoor recess time and during certain instructional periods!

STEMinism and a Sneak Peek at our Latest Learning Game


On April 26th 2017 team Killer Snails joined some high school and college students in New York City at the annual STEMinism conference sponsored by the Feminist Press. This conference brings together the greatest minds in STEM research and innovation to challenge the over 400 student attendees to think critically and creatively about the future of science, technology, engineering, and math learning.

After an inspiring keynote by Dr. Eugenia Cheng, author of the popular math book How to Bake Pi, students streamed into the demo hall where they met the KS team along with representatives from the New York Hall of Science, BiosBus, and GOALS For Girls. Demos of a variety of learning experiences were open to the hundreds of students at STEMinism and this year KS had a new game up its sleeve!

Sixteen students were selected to take a first peek at our latest science game, Biome Builder. The KS team was on hand to guide and watch as some of the city’s brightest high school students out strategized one another while playing the latest in our suite of games about food chains in four diverse biomes ranging from the Pacific Ocean to the Saharan desert. And don’t worry, our signature venomous marine snail is still prominently featured!

Each group of four played a fast and quick to pick up game that was over within a half an hour. The only problem was that teams were left asking: do we have time for just one more game? We were thrilled to oblige and stay beyond the regularly scheduled playtesting time to allow our players more time to demonstrate their biome building savvy one last time before the end of the conference.

With sixteen delighted playtesters and a dozens of eager students waiting in the wings we saw first hand how engaging, fast-paced, and chock full of strategy Biome Builder was in playtesting. Please stay tuned as we share more about this new game and the upcoming kickstarter where you can be one of the first people to own your very own first edition of Biome Builder!

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Here in New York City, we are still having snow and ice, but one of our favorite parts of spring is the beginning of conferences and conventions.