What is Killer Snails?


The mission of Killer Snails is to bring science out of the laboratory and into the family room! We develop award-winning learning card games such as Assassins of the Sea and Biome Builder.


About the Team


Developed with a practicing scientist marine biochemist, Killer Snails games are scientifically accurate.  Vetted by an education psychologist, our games reflect how children learn the specific STEM content contained within the game.  With the expertise of our award-winning game designers, each game cleverly combines entertainment, design and development.

Killer Snails: Assassins of the Sea
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Assassins of the Sea: Card Game

2-4 players analog, ages 12+, 30-60 minutes to play

Assassins of the Sea is a strategic deck building card game where middle and high-school students are scientists learning about venomous marine snails and competing to build the winning venom arsenal of potentially life-saving peptide compounds.


16’ Bit Award for Best Tabletop Game from Playcrafting, MENSA Select Finalist 2016, Indicade 2017 Finalist


Biome Builder: Card Game

2-4 players, ages 8+, 20 minutes to play

In Biome Builder, budding ecologists discover diverse creatures across four distinct biomes: Amazon Rainforest, American Prairie, Sahara Desert, and Pacific Ocean.  Players create food chains in this fast-paced card game but BEWARE! Action cards can upset the balance of these ecosystems. Race to build the richest food chains and ensure survival of your biomes!


2016 Boston FIG Award for Best Family Tabletop Game, in the running for MENSA Select 2017

Biome Builder
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Our Games Are:

Designed to feature current scientific discoveries

Developed with engaging gameplay to encourage healthy competition


Tested with thousands of children, families, and teachers that have helped us build a solid foundation for great gameplay


Playing Leads to Learning

The educational value is embedded in the actions of the cards. The decisions players make have natural repercussions, similar to actions taken in the field
— Game Designer Noelle Posadas

I’m most excited about including cutting edge research in language and context that players understand.
— Chief Scientist Dr. Mande Halford, research scientist with the American Museum of Natural History and Hunter College


Fun for the Whole Family

From the bright colors to the creatures in the games, our goal is to make games the entire family can enjoy.  Dive into a Killer Snails game and discover new facts about the world!


Jessica Ochoa Hendrix (CEO)

Email: jessica@killersnails.com

Phone: 917 848-8036

30 John St. Brooklyn, NY 11201